Amazing Facts About Micronesia That Will Change Your Perception About This Beautiful Destination

Micronesia is a group of islands that are located in the western region of the Pacific Ocean. It shares an amazing history and culture with Polynesia and Melanesia. Micronesia is divided into six different sovereign nations namely the Caroline Island, the Gilbert Island, the Line Island, the Mariana Island, Nauru, the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Micronesia is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world chained with endless beaches, palm-lined shores and amazing cultures.

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Amazing Facts about Micronesia
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Below we have listed some incredible facts about Micronesia that’s worth learning:

• Micronesia is home to approximately 2100 islands and covers an area of 582 kilometers square.
• Micronesia experiences a tropical marine type of climate that is influenced to some extent by the northeastern trade winds. The dry season usually starts from December to January up to June while the rainy season starts from July up to November.
• The earliest European to contact this region was Antonio Pigafetta around 1521.
• Some of the indigenous tribes of Micronesia include Carolinian people, Chamorros, Chuukese people, Kapings, Nauruan people, etc.
• Some of the major languages spoken in Micronesia include Kosraean, Nauruan, Gilbertese, Maeshallese, Trukic-Ponapeic, etc.
• Some of the main cuisines in Micronesia include Kelaugen dishes and other local foods like cassava, potato, yam, fish, pork, taro, etc.
• There is a large population of the Asian community in Micronesia, it is estimated that Guam is composed of 26.3% Filipino, 1.6% Chinese, 2.2% Korean according to the 2010 census.
• Some of the most popular attractions in Micronesia include Nan Madol, Ulithi, Kosrae Island, Satawal, etc.

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