The Four Must-Attend Festivals and Events in Geneva

From high-tempo jazz to blues to floating hot-air balloons to parades- it appears that Geneva finds reasons to celebrate nearly every moment. As a city of diverse ethnicity, Geneva is a delightful place to visit, displaying something different and colorful in every corner. And for a holiday filled with a mixture of everything, make your prior Southwest Airlines Official Site Reservations for the opportunity to fly on affordable flights.

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Paléo Festival
What started as a modest community festival in 1976, Paléo Festival is today, the largest open-air festival in Switzerland. The festival lasts for about six days and hosts tens of thousands of people, holding more than 250 concerts. It boasts featuring well-known musicians, including Tracy Chapman, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Brown, and Oasis to name a few.

International Balloon Festival
International Balloon Festival possesses an indescribable beauty, a nine-day celebration where hot-air balloon pilots from every corner of the globe participate. Letting go of more than 500 colorful hot-air balloons up in the air is a pleasant sight, and the night-glow where they are lighted at night is unmissable.

Gauklerfest – International Street Performer’s Festival
Gauklerfest is definitely one of Geneva’s most interesting and vibrant celebrations, where talented street performers from around the world gather at the streets of Interlaken to show off their magic. Watching those jugglers, comedians, acrobats, and others showcase their best will leave you in awe!

If you are a chocolate buff, you will be glad to know that each year about 40 chocolatiers get together at Versoix, near Geneva. Chocolate fountains, chocolate sculptures, and free samplings are available for guests to take in.

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